Friday, July 8, 2011

it's been a while

Such a long time has passed since my last update for Hipster.
Finally I could come back to here to leave some article about what is going on my life now.
Here is the short term of what i have been deal with and what i had done these days...

- came back on 25th of May arrival in KIX
- had to suffer from bad cold from extremely dried airplane for 2 days
-28th of May, Tamayo wedding ceremony still with my cold
-visiting my cousin in Miyazaki on 29th of May for 1 week
-fly back to Osaka direct to Okayama
-some labor work
-back in osaka 11th of June
-Resume, Work experience, Self-PR
-almost 20 companies to apply

On the other side of my ordinary life, I had to deal with bug problem since it's getting hot summer what is called hotbed for roaches! Do not open front door, even window if you don't have net! is what i learnt.

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