Saturday, July 9, 2011

grammar fixed

     1.  strength : an asset of special worth or utility is uncountable noun. why is it need to be
     2.  5年間 "over" explain better than "for"
        ■時期など〉…,…の.    over a period of time ある期間にわたって
   ■…しながら、…に従事して talk over a glass of beer ビールを飲みながら話す
   3.   "something" than "what"
     4.  engaged 形容詞 ...に従事して、携わって、忙しくして(in)
                                    着手して(on, upon) He's engaged on a study of population.
                                    〈電話が〉話し中で -英国 The number (line) is engaged. お話し中です。
   5. Wide range of information from everyday research made me possible to correspond to diverse customers.  → A wide range of information from everyday research made it possible for me to correspond with diverse customers.
          ・correspond 動詞 〈二つのものが〉一致する His words and action do not correspond. 
     (intransitive, construed with to) to be equivalent or similar in character, quantity, quality, origin, structure, function etc.
         (intransitive, construed with with) to exchange messages, especially by postal letter, over a period of time.
       6.   "possess" than "have"
       7.    form 名詞  礼式、儀礼   be out of form. 礼儀にはずれている
       動詞  〈ものを〉形づくる、形成する
  8.   desire 名詞 欲望、欲求 (for)願望
  9.   during my position in sales      rather than just "from"
      10.   deal in 取り扱う、〈販売する〉売る、商う
              deal with 処断する、扱う、対処する、論ずる
      11.   overall 形容詞 全部の、総体的な
                  副詞  総合的にいえば、全体的にみれば Overall, it's a good hotel.
                                          How much did it come to overall? 全部でいくらしましたか

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