Monday, May 9, 2011


New York is a strange place to look for and find love. I'm sure I'm not saying anything that many already don't know but this city is such an insane conglomeration(雑多な寄せ集め) of personalities from all over the country and all over the world, that many have a hard time finding "the one". If that shit even exists. Such diversity within one city is something about this place that you can applaud but in a weird way it also makes things more difficult. New york is the type of place where it's all about choices. Other cities wait for things to jump off which, if they're lucky, happen on a monthly basis. Here on any given day or night tons of things happen. Therefore one is forced to make decisions. The same can be said for relationships here. Because their are so many people from all over the place, here it's very difficult to focus on "the one", because another "one" may be right around the corner.

I'll tell you what though, New York is one city that can and will break your heart in half and hand you the pieces, that's for sure! Just when you think you've found the best piece in the world... Boom!! Reality check! You discover that person has several other "persons" on the side and suddenly you're left feeling like the last man standing. Don't sleep! This can and will happen to you if you let it! Still I love being here. It's the only place in the world for me that I can leave my house and fall in love at least 12 times before making it to the subway, especially during the summer!

Reference : Dazeworld

Sid Vicious and Nancy

Chelsea Hotel where Nancy got stubbed by Sid, nobody know the truth how it happened and this story about world famous unseparatable couple. It was right time or it was too early to put a period on their never ending craziness with whole lots of violence, drug, blood but sweetest and true love life.

Did Sid knifed her several times?
I can say it was good that both of them were cocaine addict, being enough not realizing and facing the stupidness what it was happening to them at that time, no pain.

How could Sid live without Nancy? Of course he is dead in overdose of drug after a short while of Nancy's death.

Sid sleeps with Nancy happily forever 6 feet under where he wanted to go.